Copier ContractEvery company in our industry says they offer the “best service”. But what does ‘best service’ really mean to you, the customer? We will tell you what it means to us:

  • It means that we always support our customers with affordable prices on supplies, parts, and repairs.
  • It means that if you should need service, all of our technicians have more than 20 years of experience.
  • And finally, it means that we employ full-time Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers who specialize in the networking and calibration of your machines. We understand that providing software solutions for our clients means more than simply installing a program and walking away.

Our Copier Contract Include:

  • Replace parts and supplies which have been broken through normal use and are necessary for machine servicing and maintenance adjustments.
  • All supply items to include toner, developer, drums/imaging units, heater, fuser, web, rollers, and maintenance kits.
  • Performing the routine maintenance replacement of the above supplies.

Copier Contract do not cover shipping charges; paper; throughput materials such as transparencies, labels, equipment moves, staples and added accessories or options and Integration Services needed after the 2 hours of assistance provided per contract year.

All items related to Printing, Network Scanning, and Network Faxing can be covered under the separate Copier IT Support Agreement.