Copier IT Support

We offer in-house and on-site options for IT Support on your equipment. Our pre-paid Copier IT Support plan will cover all of your equipment for one low price, which gives you big savings off our regular low rate. Our first priority is customer satisfaction — making sure you have the level of service that fits your business’ needs and keeps your equipment in top working order.

Pre-Paid Copier IT Support Plan
We offer a 3 hour Copier IT Support package that works like this; you purchase 3 hours of IT Support for $395.00 a year. This is good for any copier, fax, printer or multifunction unit. This is a large savings over the regular per hour IT Support rate. Pre-paid IT Support plan include travel in our regular service area.

You receive a new computer in your office and it can’t print, scan or fax to your copier. Use your Pre-Paid IT Support Plan to get that new computer set-up. Most set-ups take about 30 minutes, that will leave you 2.5 hours left on your Pre-paid Plan.

Terms & Conditions
Our Pre-Paid IT Support plans are customized to fit your business needs. This type of plan is great for any office small or large. Use this plan on any copier, printer or fax in your office.

    • Pre-Paid IT Support calls are only good at your location on your equipment and can not be transferred or traded.
    • Pre-Paid IT Support plan expires one (1) year from the purchase date or when used up (which ever comes 1st) with no refunds for unused.

There are no other warranties, which extend beyond the description herein. All other warranties, expressed or implied, are excluded, including any implied warranties of merchant-ability for any particular purpose.

It’s easy to sign up. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our Pre-Paid IT Support Call plans.