Want to know how to save money on a copier lease? Let Beltway Office Solutions show you.

Some might seem obvious but are overlooked when a copier lease is being considered. Here are a few ways that will help you save money on a copier lease or rental:

save money on a copier lease

        1. Use your own insurance to cover the machine. All leasing companies require the equipment being leased to be insured. You  can save on leasing costs if you self-insure. Just be certain you get proper coverage. Otherwise the leasing company will add a monthly insurance fee (+ tax) to your monthly payment. This could save you more than $15 a month.
        2. Look for fast copy performance where possible. If you calculate the total annual amount of waiting time that costs you in wages you would be surprised – perhaps horrified in some cases.
        3. We encourage you to check out the competition for the copier specs you have in mind – most major copier manufacturers have competing machines which have slight variations in the specs – those variations can make a big difference to efficiency in the office – look for toner replacement cycles, paper storage amounts and copy speed.
        4. Compare the lease lengths that are available – some larger copiers have quite a service lifetime ahead of them and when leasing you are getting technicians to look after them too, so a longer lease term which has lower monthly costs on average throughout the lease can save money.
        5. Choose Us! We are able to help you stay within budget and have your equipment needs met. You will be surprised how much of a difference our prices are. We definitely help save money on a copier lease.


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