Looking for a used copier for sale? Buy a BOS Certified copier instead.

Why a BOS Certified Copier?
Why should you buy a BOS Certified copier instead of looking for a used copier for sale?

–  We require all of our copy machines to undergo a 25+ point inspection.

–  Must be the current or previous generation.used copier for sale

– Cosmetically good/great condition and has a low copy/print count. (a fraction of manufacturers’ monthly volume)

–  Only come from short term rentals, off lease contracts,
repos and sales demos.

–  We do not have refurbished copiers in our inventory.
We DO NOT buy copiers for our inventory that need to be serviced, renovated or are damaged, thus keeping costs low and insuring you receive a quality copy machine.

–   Each photocopy machine comes with a 60-day complete parts & labor warranty. This warranty is onsite and covered throughout the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia area. If you purchase a maintenance contract with us all labor, parts and supplies (excluding paper & staples) is covered all long as the equipment stays within our servicing area.

Best part they are sold at discounts up to 75% off the MSRP.

Purchasing your copier from us will provide your business/office with the productivity it requires without the elevated costs of a brand new copy machine. We are here to help you select the right photocopier to meet your business and budget demands. You will provide you with a current brand copier at a great price.

Why We’re Different
Typically a used copier for sale can come from various unknown locations (construction trailer, non-climate controlled warehouses, etc…) Often times these used copiers are refurbished and could have have half-life parts or the possibility of many issues that will not arise till 30-60 days after you’ve purchased the photocopier. This does not happen with a BOS Certified copier.

Clear and Honest Financing
We don’t play games with the price of your copier, and financing is no exception.
Check out all the financing options we have available.